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dramedy, 98mins, Hungarian with English subs, 2018

Relationship dramedy about a couple in their 30s adventuring through the confusing thrills of non-monogamy. Hoping to escape the seemingly inevitable cheatings and betrayals Fanni and Balint come up with a desperate plan to save their loving but sexually deflated relationship by simply opening it. Hand in hand they take a big splash into the brave new world of 21st century dating, realising too late that the waves can be quite murky and overwhelming. What first seems like awkward fun later becomes a dangerous and painful game of trust and emotions.

The film explores the challenges of modern day mating from a strong female point of view, dealing with gender roles and our (false) expectations on sex and relationships with quirky humour and honesty.

Premier: Montreal IFF 2018.

Film festivals: CineEast Luxembourg 2018, Fort Lauderdale IFF USA 2018

The film opened in Hungarian cinemas on 18th October 2018 and made more than 53.000 admissions in 6 weeks after receiving raving reviews all over the Hungarian media.

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