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Orsi Nagypal Director's Showreel 2021

Orsi Nagypal Director's Showreel 2021

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Orsi Nagypál   [ ɔrʃi  nɒɟpa:l ]
Hungarian writer&director for film and TV

Orsi Nagypal is a Hungarian filmmaker, who escaped the glitzy world of  producing TV ads to study filmmaking at the London Film School, where she graduated with distinction in 2010.


She is currently shooting “RISE OF THE RAVEN”, and epic, action-heavy multi-language period drama on 15th century Hungarian war hero, Hunyadi, in an international co-prod by Canadian Serendipity Point, Hungarian NFI and BETA film - Orsi directs 4 episodes out of ten in the first season in 2022/2023.

She had her first outer space experience in 2022 directing 2 episodes of the new spaceship survival show "The Ark", which premiered with a record number of viewers Feb 1, 2023 on SYFY.


Just before, and during COVID times Orsi directed her second feature, the US indie dystopian drama "The Deal” - produced by Dean Devlin - globetrotting between Hungary, Serbia and Los Angeles. The film premiered in the prestigious Trieste Science+Fiction Film Festival, 2022 and is now streaming on Roku chanel.


In 2017 she wrote and helmed her first feature film in Hungary "NYITVA/OPEN", a sexual dramedy on the impossibility of monogamy - and its alternatives. The movie premiered in Montreal IFF in 2018, and arrived to Hungarian cinemas in October 2018 to critical acclaim. Orsi was praised for the witty and outspoken script, the nuanced performances, the mix of humour and drama using strong visuals.


Since 2013 Orsi is busy directing TV shows, commissioned by HBO Europe and Hungarian TV chanels, and since 2019 the US CW and Syfy chanel. She directed drama, romcom, fantasy and satire tv series, helmed more than 70 episodes - and supervised 26 more episodes as lead director. 


Between 2010 and 2015 she wrote and directed four fictional short films, which were screened in numerous international film festivals like Clermont-Ferrand and won awards all over the world. She took part in many screenwriting workshops and markets across the globe during this time, like Binger, Sources2 and Ekran, Berlinale TC, Midpoint.  


She is most interested in everyday heroes, human sexuality, strong, complex female characters, and how we find our true selves whilst struggling with the constrains of our societies. She loves mixing humour with drama, provocative with mundane, lust with awkwardness - as life tends to do. She is also lead singer and guitarist of a female punk&hip-hop band, The PinUps.

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